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We're working in partnership with CambridgeSpace to operate an exciting Coworking space with a fantastic ethic in community and wellbeing. Based at Cambridge University Rugby Union & Football Club, CambridgeSpace is a prototype hub for collaborative Coworking, with a particular focus on independent entrepreneurs and telecommuters. It is also the only Coworking space in Cambridge run exclusively by volunteers.  

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We're not just busy in physical space, we're also working in virtual space, connecting members wherever they are.

Technology has given us new tools of trade that make the 24 hours in every day limitless with potential. 

We've developed a new self-organising engine to help a group share knowledge and information in naturally efficient, responsive & intelligent ways, putting serendipity and recommendations at the heart of your work.


What else can we do with this?



We attended events across the EU region and have previously spoken at some either as an individual or part of a panel. We welcome further opportunities to speak about our latest thinking.


We are constantly hosting events at CambridgeSpace - click here for more

If you own or operate a Coworking space we're keen to hear from you to discuss ideas for events or other forms of collaboration.  

Our events will appeal to members of Coworking spaces and also those on the fringe of the Coworking trend and interested to explore new ideas e.g. architects, interior designers, property developers, investors, facility managers, estate managers, commercial estate agents, or IT and HR professionals.

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Our previous & current consulting work (please contact us for more details) includes:


  • Regional workplace strategy program creation and management for a large global tech firm

  • Coworking consulting to a UK-based high street bank 

  • Change management for a London-based corporation to ensure ready adoption of new workplace technology, design and behaviours

  • Advisory to a number of independent coworking spaces in Canterbury, Plymouth, Singapore, Shanghai (China) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

  • Research & strategic advisory to a UK-based developer on incorporating Workplace-as-a-Service into their offer

We can help you tailor your adoption of workplace strategies, flexible working, home working, organisational change and master planning, through our rigorous strategic consulting or a light, advisory-only approach. 

As we're working at the forefront of this young rapidly changing trend, we can predict the transformation of the workplace market and the way people work to give you a leap ahead.



Whether we're acting for clients or at our own events, our vision and aim is to provide members with a cutting edge, healthy Coworking ecosystem offering easy access to mentoring and funding. 

Cutting-Edge Design:

Our team has vast experience in workplace design that not only looks cool, but designed with modern workstyles in mind, including collaborative and private space.


Healthy working:

The typical office is not the healthiest place to spend 8 hours per day. We will give special attention to wellbeing with lots of natural light, plants and exercise.



There's definitely a demand for an curating space where people can experience rich interactions. 



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