Preserve Your Victuals

Preserving your capital for business growth, not tying it up in long lease commitments and hefty deposits, opens up a world of opportunities. Leave the workplace design and operation to us so you can pay as you go for an office you’ll love to work in. It also means looking after your health, wellbeing and tools of trade - Coworking members should enjoy a good work life balance and we have a programme to help.

Beware Of Fire

We all know there is good reason for fire drills in our buildings, we also believe every business should practice a version of the fire drill to survive rapid changes in technology and new business models seeking to disrupt old industries. We programme events, from guest speakers to live music, all designed to open minds and help fight fires or maybe start a new one.

Keep Good Company

Coworking is all about collaboration and the promise of cross pollination of ideas between industries. We are organisers of Coworking industry events including Plymouth Workspace Week 2018

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