Top coworking community spaces in Cambridge

This list is to help individuals find a suitable and productive coworking space for a community of like-minded people in Cambridge. It is not for people looking for serviced office space for a company.

Hence the reviews are geared towards revealing how well each space supports interaction with their members and their provision to support open plan space. If you want community, it cannot happen in a space that’s mainly private office space. Many spaces advertise that they offer coworking, but they do not support community building in any way. That is why we have not included Regus, CB1 or other serviced office providers.

CS Space to Work

This well-established coworking space (previously called CambridgeSpace) is located within the beautiful surrounds of the Cambridge University Rugby Football Club on Grange Road. Although it is not connected to the university, it does attract some PHD’s and graduates, plus a whole range of diverse freelancers and remote workers. It also has access to a fantastic college dining hall for lunch. It is not big, but it has great facilities and a friendly community. They focus on wellbeing and productivity; offering all members 21” HD monitors and ergonomic task chairs, plus health and fitness classes. They have flexible memberships including pay-as-you-go. They put on monthly member events such as cake o’clock where members share their creations.


Special Amenities:

  • HD monitors, task chairs, 10 free prints per day, meeting room hire

  • Member community events

  • Yoga and bootcamp classes

  • Visiting sports masseur

  • Unlimited free teas (including a selection of herbal), coffee and filtered water

Score: 9/10

Barclays Eagle Labs

The high street bank has converted their office above a branch on Mitcham’s Corner to an accelerator-orientated coworking space. It features high speed internet, a hip interior design and support from Cambridge Judge Business School. You can hotdesk here, but the focus is on small tech businesses in private offices who are getting support to grow. As a freelancer, you will be welcomed, but the space is not super comfortable or quiet. They do have a couple of phone booths to take private calls and some great networking events. This would suit an individual who wants to network within the tech sector.


Special Amenities:

  • Near the river and interesting independent shops.

  • 24/7 access

  • Mentoring from Cambridge Judge Business School

  • Variety of free networking events, seminars and workshops

Score: 6/10

Bradfield Centre

Owned by Trinity College, but run by a regional business centre, it is located within the Cambridge Science Park on the outskirts of North Cambridge. The building is designed to suit, and the interior is modern. Like Eagle Labs it is predominately geared toward tech acceleration and private offices. It does provide an open plan hotdesking space, but you sit in hard chairs in the noisy lobby. The hard surfaces look cool but do nothing for acoustics. If you need to be in the science park and need to network with tech sector companies, then this could be good for you.

Special Amenities:

  • Many events focused on helping start-ups / scale-ups

  • You can bring your dog

  • Onsite café

  • 100 seat auditorium

  • 24/7 access

Score: 5/10

Allia Future Business Centre

Another large built-to-suit building restricted to entrepreneurs building companies that make a positive ‘impact’. It is situated on the outskirts of Cambridge near Arbury in an environmentally friendly building over 6 floors. They offer a good selection of membership options but it is geared towards social impact companies, rather than coworking. Like Eagle Labs and the Bradfield Centre, this is for individuals who want to network with a specific sector. There's not much around the centre, so expect to travel if you want other refreshments or shops.


Special Amenities:

  • Impact-related events

  • Onsite café

  • 70 seat auditorium

  • 24/7 access

Score: 4/10


The global giant has opened a space near the train station. It is predominately focused on private offices. They offer an open plan area for hotdesking but it is not comfortable to work at the whole day as the seats are hard and it’s also quite noisy, so don’t expect to conduct private phone calls. You also on have the option of full time membership.

Special Amenities:

  • Secure bicycle parking. 

  • Take phone calls in convenient private booths and support teleconferencing through high-speed Internet.

  • High quality refreshments.

  • Good location for train travel

Score: 3/10


IBIS Hotel

This budget hotel near the train station has offered an area for ‘coworking’. It is nicely designed and has a variety of seating options, but no proper office chairs. There’s no member management or events for networking.

Special Amenities:

  • Good location for train travel.

  • Nice café downstairs.

Score: 2/10